Advantages of US Stock Market

Compare US Stock Market with Indian Stock Market

The biggest advantage is the liquidity of US stocks. The Indian stock market is not that liquid comparing to the US market, while you need to wait several hours in the Indian market to hit your target of exit, you can get out with your target profit in a matter of seconds. The US market responds greatly to the daily news and periodical earnings and numbers. You just need to sit for few minutes to make your day.

The trivial fact of earning and getting paid in Dollars increases your financial stability. For example: With One lakh of Investment in Indian market, a normal trader can anticipate few hundreds or thousands in a day provided he trades very calculative and the market favors him. With 65000 INR ($1000) (subject to change according to the conversion rates)the possibility of earning few hundred dollars in the first few minutes is very high in US market.
Imagine you have made and average $100 in few minutes of the market open you can stop right there. Your profit for the day is INR 6500. Do we need to say more?

Remember, you have not even invested one lakh.

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